Introducing HDR|Salva

HDR proudly welcomes Salva Resources (Salva) to its team. 

Salva is a global exploration, mining and commodities consultant. With offices located in Australia, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Mongolia, Salva's international team of more than 200 professionals provide leading technical and commercial advice to the world's major exploration, mining and investment firms.

In addition, Salva also has a commodity market analysis team comprised of 20 consultants and analysts with dedicated experience in the iron ore, coal, metals, power, steel and infrastructure sectors called Salva Report. The specialized team provides commodity focused publications, consulting and analysis for leading mining and investment organizations worldwide.

As HDR|Salva we now offer expanded services with an enhanced ability to provide turnkey pit-to-port mining solutions to our clients, anywhere in the world.

HDR|Salva Mining Solutions

  • Resource Planning & Analysis
  • Mine Site Planning
  • Land Management & Safety
  • Environmental Compliance & Permitting 
  • Market Analysis & Forecasting
  • Remediation 
  • Water Supply/Treatment