HDR to Design AMA Interaction Studio at MATTER

HDR has been chosen to meet the challenge of designing a simulated medical environment of the future where healthcare innovations will be put to the test under a new partnership between the American Medical Association (AMA) and MATTER, Chicago’s new healthcare technology incubator. The AMA Interaction Studio at MATTER is being designed to go beyond the traditional medical office and explore how new clinical concepts and technologies will influence healthcare interactions in a future physician practice.

“Our goal is to help entrepreneurs identify and understand key challenges in patient care and foster the seeds of innovation that will deliver meaningful solutions for physicians,” said AMA CEO and Executive Vice President James L. Madara, MD.

The Studio will serve as a prototype test bed that will enable physicians and entrepreneurs to collaborate on the development of new technologies, services and products aimed at making the health system work better for everyone. HDR is leading aspects of design, innovation, and research that will translate into learnings — environmental, operational, and experiential — from the space.

HDR is facilitating a proprietary SYNAPSE, a human-centered design process, where AMA and MATTER participants project future industry changes and discuss factors affecting physician and patient satisfaction. As part of the process, they are exploring how health behavior change might be influenced beyond traditional clinical interactions and developing concepts for integration into a future physician practice. Specific elements were selected from the future physician practice that could be showcased as prototyped design solutions to be tested in The Studio with input from the MATTER community.

Early design principles for the space include a focus on collaboration, testing, and learning driven by an engaging user experience. The AMA Interaction Studio at MATTER will open in the summer of 2015.