HDR Welcomes Design Principal Michael Bardin

Michael Bardin AIA, LEED AP, believes in design that simultaneously conveys beauty and purpose, engages users and subtly, but implicitly, expresses the client’s identity—all in a sustainable and resource-friendly environment—aspirations that he feels are infinitely achievable. Joining HDR as a design principal in the San Francisco office, Michael will be guided by these goals to lead the healthcare and science + technology design strategy of the studio, and to influence design throughout our architecture practice.

“Michael is not only a talented designer, but he is a great collaborator who will add a positive energy to every project,” says David Bendet, west region science + technology director.

Relocating from New York City to the Bay area, he is inspired by the area’s creative spirit and its rich blend of city and outdoor spaces. Michael says, “I’m committed to living the values, both personally, and in our practice, that will help this area thrive, with sustainable development that celebrates people and the natural world.”

Over his 15-year career, his award-winning body of work has included education, science + technology and healthcare projects in the U.S. and across the world—in China, the Middle East and Europe. His ever-expanding focus encompasses the complex mixed–use projects he most recently designed, combining creative threads from many types of projects. One of Michael’s particularly significant accomplishments is his work as part of a team to develop a concept hospital designed to be an industry-leading prototype for healthcare delivery, patient experience and operations.

Convinced that a simple, nuanced gesture can be equally as important as the big dramatic architectural detail, he says. “I’m passionate about finding the design that achieves several things simultaneously: An exciting experience for people who use and see the building, saving energy and water and expressing something unique about the purpose of the building.” With his design thinking shaped by a mission to integrate the digital and built experience, he’s confident that the built environment can be developed in harmony with healthy ecosystems, and can sometimes even help repair damaged ecosystems.

Intrigued about mingling the talents of the architecture and engineering practices to produce water- and energy- efficient design, and beautiful architectural results, Michael shares his plans for his new role: “I look forward to creating a happy and earth-conscious design practice that aspires to constantly produce better work and arrive at solutions that will help transform people’s health and wellness, while enhancing their experience of the built and natural environment. It is ultimately about making the world a better place.”

Todd Tierney, regional director of operations, says “I’m excited to be able to tap into Michael’s passion and his commitment to design excellence. I’m confident he will be instrumental in elevating the design culture within our San Francisco studio to its highest level.”

You can connect with Michael via LinkedIn or michael.bardin [at] (email).