Minneapolis Team's One Haven Design Wins Competition

One Haven, a design by HDR's Minneapolis/St. Paul office, was voted the winner of the 2015 Patient Centered Behavioral Health Design Competition, presented by the Institute for Patient-Centered Design (IFPCD). The competition took place at the Healthcare Design Conference in Washington, D.C. 

The One Haven inpatient room incorporates numerous design elements that are beneficial to a wide variety of patient types, diagnoses and levels of care. It addresses four primary patient and family needs: safety, patient empowerment and respect, connection to nature, and access to natural light. The goal was to create an uplifting, restorative environment that empowers patients to take active ownership of their behavioral health journey, while ensuring a safe and secure environment for all users. Evidence-based design strategies were used to identify and address the needs among patients and families.

HDR presented their design at the 2015 Healthcare Design Conference, competing against designs from RS&H and ERDMAN. Audience votes determined the winning design.

IFPCD's Patient Centered Behavioral Health Design Competition seeks to find new models of patient-centered care; environments in which patients receiving treatment for mental disorders are allowed to retain their personal dignity, comfort and control of as many aspects of their environment as possible, while limiting opportunities for patients to harm themselves or others.

A mock-up of the One Haven design will be built in 2016.