HDR Adds to Predictive Analytics Team

HDR welcomes Matt Leick-Macari to the predictive analytics team at the Omaha office. As a data engineer, Matt collaborates with a team of analytic experts to solve company and client problems using data. He possesses a deep understanding of data analysis techniques, has experience developing data processing pipelines and is proficient in reporting functionalities for data platforms.

Matt will be working with the predictive analytics team to define, collect and analyze databases in addition to developing and maintaining a pipeline of data. He provides data in a format most useful for analysis and predictive modeling while also spearheading the creation of new, in-house data tools when needed.

“We are thrilled to bring Matt on as the data engineer for our predictive analytics team,” says Scott Foral, Director of Consulting. “His data-wrangling skills will be a big contribution to our team’s success.”

A motivated self-starter, who enjoys using data to seek out innovative solutions, Matt is skilled in translating business problems into statistical models that result in actionable insights: “I’m passionate about finding elegant and scalable solutions to ‘hard’ data integration problems,” says Matt. “I love looking at datasets that are completely disorganized, and polishing them so that decisions can be made using the intelligence and insights gained from the, originally, messy data.”

Prior to HDR, Matt developed and maintained data pipelines for various consulting and marketing companies, managing the development and implementation of data warehouses and the ongoing data analytics. He has a strong analytical mindset complete with the desire to find solutions that work for all the stakeholders involved.

When he isn’t analyzing data sets, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelsey, and exploring the outdoors with his daughter, Lily. 

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