Hendrickson Appointed to APHL's Global Health Committee

We are pleased to announce that Warren Hendrickson, public health director, has been appointed to the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) Global Health Committee.

An active member of APHL for many years, this appointment reflects Warren’s long-standing commitment to understanding and addressing global health issues through the assessment, planning, and design of public health laboratories around the world.  Notably, Warren spearheaded HDR’s “One Health” initiative, which promotes collaboration with private- and public-sector organizations to establish front-line laboratories and clinics at the epicenter of disease through global health projects such as:

  • Educating local architects and engineers in Africa and Asia on international best practices in laboratory design that meet global standards for public health and sustainability.
  • Working through HDR’s philanthropic Design 4 Others (D4O) to bring lab design services to developing countries that cannot afford them.
  • Collaborating with Sandia National Laboratories to develop laboratory prototypes that are both globally relevant and locally responsive.  

“We were very happy to hear of Warren’s appointment since we know he will bring real-world insights and knowledge to international topics addressed by this committee,” stated Steve Riojas, global director of HDR's Education | Science | Tech program within architecture. “Warren’s 30-plus years of directly relevant experience gathered through his many national and international projects for public health clients will undoubtedly have an impact for years to come.”  

Founded more than 60 years ago, the APHL has a core mission to “shape national and global health outcomes by promoting the value and contributions of public health laboratories and continuously improving the public health laboratory system and practice.” Its work in global health spans 31 countries and five continents, where the organization provides services related to strategy, technology, technical assistance, and training.

“The great thing about APHL is that it’s not solely about research and discourse,” shared Warren, who is based in HDR’s architecture studio in Chicago. “There are people stationed in the countries they are working in so the solutions they propose are locally appropriate and sustainable over the long term.”

HDR has been a sustaining member of APHL for over a decade. With a breadth of subject matter expertise that is unmatched in the industry, HDR has assisted 25 of the 50 public health labs in the United States in achieving their missions to improve the health outcomes of the people in their respective states. HDR has also hosted numerous symposia on translational health topics. Public health is a core tenet of both HDR’s mission and its work.

Read more about APHL's Global Health program.


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