Larry Hartman to Present at NCCHC National Conference

Laurence (Larry) Hartman, AIA, CCHP will present “Advancing Facility Standards for Correctional Health Facilities” at the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare Conference (NCCHC) In Las Vegas on October 24-26, 2016.

During the presentation on Monday, October 24, Larry will explore an important topic in justice, share current industry standards and discuss how a clear definition of “adequate facilities” is missing, due to insufficient national facility standards. The prevailing research in the characteristics of healing environments will be covered and the session will conclude with an open discussion on the role NCCHC could play in developing physical plant standards for correctional health care.

About Laurence (Larry) E. Hartman
As a programmer/planner/designer and a vice president in HDR’s Chicago office, Larry has more than 34 years of professional experience as an architect, with a focus on county, state, federal and international criminal justice clients in all phases of project development. He has successfully programmed and designed a wide range of complex facilities such as major prisons, adult detention centers, juvenile detention centers, substance abuse treatment centers, forensic mental health, materials laboratories and courts. He has also been involved with security planning of large public works projects.

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