Letter of Intent Instructions

Letter of Intent Instructions

To begin the process for the HDR Foundation’s 2019 large grant cycle, each nonprofit applicant must submit a letter of intent (LOI). This step is designed to collect basic information about your proposed project to help HDR Foundation staff identify and advance only those projects that present the best alignment with our funding priorities. 

After your LOI is reviewed, you will be notified by email if your organization is invited to continue with the application process. Please limit your LOI to one page. Any submission longer than one page will be returned to the applicant to revise. 

Please structure your LOI in this order:

  1. Brief summary of your organization’s overall mission (1-2 sentences)
  2. High-level summary of the project for which you are seeking funds (1 paragraph)
  3. Basic details regarding the items that would be purchased with grant funds from the HDR Foundation (1 paragraph)
  4. Concise summary of your proposed project’s alignment with HDR Foundation funding priorities (2-3 sentences)
  5. The name of your HDR employee sponsor and information about the nature and length of their volunteer involvement with your organization (1-2 sentences)
  6. Information on any past grants your organization has received from the HDR Foundation, including the date(s) of that support (1-2 sentences)

Please do not include any additional attachments, pictures, or renderings of your project with your LOI submission. Out of respect for your organization’s time and the time of our internal reviewers, we only need basic project details at this point in our process. If your organization is selected to move forward with the full application, more detailed information will be collected.

As a reminder, the HDR Foundation does not provide any operational/overhead or event support. We only fund discrete projects that have the potential to make broad, sustainable impact.  We show preference to fund projects that have a defined implementation timeline and no/very few barriers to project completion within the one-year funding period. 

Nonprofit applicants should submit a one-page LOI via email to HDRFoundation [at] hdrinc.com with the subject line “Large Grant LOI” by midnight (CST) on August 23, 2019. Please cc your HDR employee sponsor on the LOI submission email.