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Empathetic by Design: An Inclusive, Research-Based Process for Designing Schools for Children with Autism

A new school building for Spero Academy - opening in 2018.

Designing for children with autism, as well as more widely for children with disability, requires that designers be attentive to both existing research and user needs. In this article, Brian Giebink and co-authors describe how the design of a new school from Spero Academy, a K-6 school for children with autism and other special needs in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was influenced by current research on both sensory-sensitive and neuro-typical design theories and focus groups with educators at the school.  The article highlights five key aspects of the design that are targeted at the needs of the student population, including the entry sequence; sensory zoning; lighting, colour palette and furnishings; equipment; and building materials. The authors also share the theoretical basis for these strategies.

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