Next Generation Managed Lanes: Adaptable, Flexible Roadways of the Future

In the ITS International article, "HDR Predicts an Adaptable and Flexible Future for Roadways," Brian Swindell, Managed Lanes Practice Lead, PE and Bernie Arseneau, Director of Traffic Management Systems, PE, PTOE, introduce the innovative concept of Modular Lanes and its potential to enhance the planning and design of future roadways.

Today, managed lanes are designed to solve a specific issue like congestion or trip reliability, and potentially recognise revenue to offset project or operational costs. As dynamic traffic environments evolve and technology integration becomes essential, managed lanes should be recognised as a viable option to address those issues. Within this context, managed lanes become "modular lanes" that provide planners more flexibility to adapt to the inevitable changes and associated needs that our transportation systems will encounter over time, such as the adoption of autonomous and connected vehicles (AV/CV), shifts in travel patterns or new land uses.

Modular lanes maximise the usability of current facilities and have a significant possibility to alter how planners and agencies approach roadway design and future challenges.

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Managed Lanes Practice Lead
Director, Highways & Roads