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Optimising Data Centres: Tying It All Together

A man and woman in a data center, engaging with a touchscreen display.

The optimization of data centre energy infrastructure is critical to the reduction of a facility’s carbon footprint, while working to meet digital demand. The total number of global data centres is increasing, resulting in an expected 35 to 40 gigawatts of electrical power consumption by 2030. This is more than double the amount in 2022; totalling an anticipated 2.2% of the world’s power consumption, according to an article published by McKinsey in January 2023.

HDR's Robert Haley, data centre design principal, and Chad Harrill, electrical engineer, have submitted a white paper for the fall issue of 7x24 Exchange Magazine. The paper aims to provide technical solutions to address challenges faced by data centre operators, IT managers or their organizations. This document will also help raise awareness of the potential to reduce our carbon footprint, data centre energy consumption and to prompt dialogue between IT managers and data centre operators.

Optimizing Data Centres White Paper