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Susanne Pini Explores How Social Media Creates 'Sameness' in Retail

A Fear of Difference: Retail Strategy in the Age of Pinterest

Industrial furniture, stripped floors, reclaimed wood, Edison bulbs – is everywhere really starting to look just the same? Wherever you go these days, seemingly hip, unique spaces are starting to look alike, whether it is bars, restaurants, fashion boutiques and even offices. How can all that aesthetic homogeneity possibly be cool? 

A coffee shop in Brooklyn looks the same as its counterpart in Bangkok, Beijing or Sydney, anywhere, really. Every café has a grandma-chic armchair, potted plants, wide windows and austere pendant lighting. The bars have bare-brick walls, polished concrete floors and encaustic tiles. They all follow the industrial loft aesthetic whether they are located in an old factory, an Art Nouveau building or modern high rise. Compare them and you might not even know you’re in different spaces. 

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