Bridgewater Hydroelectric Station Adds Over 10 megawatts of Renewable Energy


We’re passionate about helping you achieve your hydropower goals — from navigating the FERC licensing and compliance channels to modernising your existing fleet and maximising the value of your assets. We have the full range of hydropower-related experience to get you there.

Our services are centred on three critical areas: regulatory services, engineering and design, and environmental sciences. When you’re looking at relicensing, we think critically and strategically about the requirements so you can profitably operate for decades to come. By bringing sound science together with regulatory requirements, we develop strategies early to preserve the value of your project and position you for success. Our comprehensive understanding of federal and state requirements, legal precedents and negotiating positions of stakeholders ensures you’ll stay a step ahead in the regulatory process.

Our understanding of the engineering and design required for powerhouse equipment and maintenance is unmatched. With former hydroelectric equipment manufacturer and owner/operator employees in our ranks, we approach implementation for both upgrades and new installations with hands-on knowledge of the equipment we’re working with.

When it comes to modernising your fleet, it takes the right team of highly skilled professionals to address specific project needs. We look at your assets holistically to safely deliver a project that optimises your performance without breaking the bank.

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