Marshalltown Generating Station

Power-Gen International Conference 2018

December 4 - 6, 2018

Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
United States

We’re looking forward to presenting and networking at Power-Gen International’s Annual Conference, Power-Gen 2018. Immerse yourself as we share a case study alongside our client, Alliant Energy. Come talk all things power with our experts in plant optimization, energy storage, electric vehicle power infrastructure, distributed energy, microgrids, gas turbines, regulatory compliance and renewables. With you, we look forward to exploring the latest research as well as innovations leading the power industry in a revolutionary time. You can find us at Booth #4162.

HDR Power-Gen Conference 2018 Session

Commissioning-Design and Execution to Minimize Project Delays in Combined Cycle Plants 
Tuesday, December 4 at 3 p.m. | Hub Booth #1161 | Session Number: 15C1
Colleen (Layman) Scholl, Todd Young and Mike Gibbs will present with Gary DeRoche and Kendall McFarland of Alliant Energy.