HDR Data-Driven Design Team Provides Data Visualisation Tools for Global Health Alliance Melbourne’s Capacity Report on Victoria’s International Health Sector

Global Health Alliance Melbourne (GLHAM) released today its Victoria’s International Health Sector – Capacity Report 2018.

HDR’s Data-Driven Design team visualised the results of the survey that underpins GLHAM’s latest report to create a suite of four interactive data dashboards that illustrate GLHAM member organisations’ areas of expertise, collaborative ties and geographic relevance, as well as obstacle and opportunity analysis.


HDR’s Data-Driven Design team works on translating complex data sources, spatial information and analytical results into useful information and visual representations to expedite the decision-making process. Such data can be used to facilitate strategic planning; discover collaborative relationships; uncover new insights and strengthen networks. In addition to its collaborative network analysis, the HDR Data-Driven Design team’s work includes using predictive analytics for space use optimisation; conducting benchmark analysis using metrics from peer databases; strategic masterplanning, forecasting and project growth modelling; and producing automated real-time cost modelling tools.  

HDR is a proud member of the Global Health Alliance in Australia through GLHAM, as well as the Washington Global Health Alliance in the United States. Since its establishment in 2016 under the leadership of the Hon. John Brumby AO, GLHAM has facilitated partnerships between a diverse mix of organisations including universities, hospitals, and international non-government organisations.

GLHAM’s most recent report released today demonstrates that Victoria’s global health sector is at the forefront in responding to the region’s challenges, and identifies some of the Victorian health community’s key strengths in numerous areas such as healthcare research; clinical trials; biotechnology; pharmaceutical production; and forging high performing collaborative clusters.  

HDR is proud to have supported GLHAM alongside the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria and the University of Melbourne.


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