Five HDR Projects Recognised as “World Changing Ideas”

Five HDR projects are among those being recognised by Fast Company magazine in its 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards. The program is focused on social good, seeking to elevate finished products and brave concepts that make the world better.

Explore a brief summary of HDR’s world changing ideas honoured by the jury:  

A panel of judges from across numerous disciplines chose winners, finalists, and honourable mentions based on feasibility and the potential for impact.

Driving innovation is integral to HDR’s core values, and collaboration among disciplines is key to creating a foundation for progress. The five HDR projects recognised as “World Changing” represent the kind of multidisciplinary ingenuity that Fast Company’s jurors were looking for to tackle exigent global challenges:

  • Health & Wellness Tool: A 3D wellness design tool that analyses metrics and connects the dots between strategies and their effects on building systems, human health outcomes, and costs
  • CNL Business and Innovation Hub: A six-story, multi-use building anchoring a science and technology campus that takes an innovative approach to construction techniques and details, to the natural setting, and to advanced wood/mass timber construction
  • Behavioral Health Outpatient and Research Facility: A new concept for a behavioural health institute that represents a holistic view of health and the role buildings play in the health of occupants, community, and the environment
  • Diablo Dam Digital Twin: A digital twin model for the Diablo Dam that demonstrates an innovative approach to capturing and interpreting the physical environment
  • Bubbles of Hope: A lightweight steel “shelter-in-place” structure that can be easily deployed to keep people safe during disaster response

“There is no question our society and planet are facing deeply troubling times. So, it’s important to recognise organisations that are using their ingenuity, impact, design, scalability, and passion to solve these problems,” says Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast Company.

This marks the second consecutive year that Fast Company has honoured HDR in its World Changing Ideas award program. Last year, six of HDR’s projects were featured.