Advocate Christ Outpatient Pavilion

Advocate Christ Medical Center Outpatient Pavillion

Advocate Christ Outpatient Pavilion

New Tower Addresses Shift in Care Models

The nine-story Outpatient Pavilion at Advocate Christ Medical Center creates a new image for the campus and sets the stage for further redevelopment. The new tower accommodates the ongoing nation-wide shift from inpatient to ambulatory care models, housing pediatric, cancer, cardiac, bone and joint, and neuroscience institutes.

During the design process, Advocate concurrently developed innovative planning and design standards to elevate care and reduce errors. Our challenge was to incorporate them within a nine-month timeframe from notice-to-proceed to groundbreaking. Separate teams — one for the institutes and another for surgery, recovery and imaging — worked cohesively in the collaboration space to explore innovative concepts and their cost implications. As differences between the current design and new standards were identified, the team discussed the pros and cons of each, including cost implications. The process helped identify potential additional savings, resulting in a project built on-time and on-budget: it was planned, designed and constructed in less than three years.

Key features of the Outpatient Pavilion include:

  • Outpatient services are placed in an environment that improves collaboration, minimizes redundancies and inefficiencies, and reduces associated costs.
  • Clinics are organized into easily-adaptable “core modules” for long-term operational flexibility, allowing services to change to meet demand
  • The Outpatient Pavilion is the most recent large-scale project HDR has designed for Advocate Health Care, continuing a relationship spanning more than 15 years.
Advocate Christ Medical Center Outpatient Pavillion
Advocate Health Care

Oak Lawn, IL
United States

330,000 SF (30,700 m²)
LEED Certified Gold