Jordan Block | Urban Design Lead

Jordan Block, AICP

Urban Design Lead

Jordan works across the boundaries of urban design, mobility, policy, health and ecology with an eye towards creating better communities through thoughtful development and infrastructure design. He carefully balances a vision for future growth and community-supported change to create thriving human-centered places.

As someone who’s deeply committed to solving complex urban challenges, Jordan is inspired by opportunities to team with futuristic thinkers that push beyond the traditional confines of planning and design. He’s worked across the country and world on projects ranging from forward-looking visions and redevelopment master plans to site-specific site design and streetscapes. Jordan has partnered with a wide range of clients, including developers, states, cities, transit agencies, and community groups, believing that great community change happens at all scales.  

Jordan shares his passion as an adjunct professor in the University of Colorado’s Master of Urban Design program. He’s also heavily involved with the Urban Land Institute, both locally and nationally, and chairs the Colorado Transit-Oriented Development committee and sits on the executive board.