Sarpy County, Nebraska, Emergency Levee Monitoring

Emergency Management Services

Supporting Your Most Important Decisions and Resource Needs

Disasters strike. Floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes all pose significant risks to the integrity of your assets.

Our mission is serving you during these times of need. We engage from planning through rebuilding and every step along the way. You can trust us. Whether you are out in front of the storm or in the middle of fighting the flood, we’ll be there.

Helping Communities Recover

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew slid along roughly 400 miles of coastline in the Southeastern United States. The communities of St. Johns and Flagler Counties, Florida, were greatly affected and whole neighbourhoods were left in shambles. Our Emergency Management team helped both communities recover and gain a fresh start. Our mission is serving clients during times of need. We engage from planning through rebuilding and every step along the way.

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Meeting Your Challenges in Four Key Ways

We offer solutions that cover the continuum of the disaster event cycle — preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.


A plan in place to manage risks and mobilise when an event occurs. We assist you in proactively developing your staff and emergency support system capabilities by improving your understanding of the hazards and risks you face.


A set of actions to assess damages and restore critical functionality. Our teams deploy to serve alongside you and your team. We focus on bringing order to the disaster, providing you with proven emergency management professionals and industry-leading technical expertise.


Designs, monitoring, compliance, communication, and management to regain what was lost. We offer comprehensive planning, design and construction management services to support the repair, restoration and/or reconstruction of damaged facilities, infrastructure and environments.


New assessments and plans to achieve resiliency, rebuilding stronger for the future. We have a history of developing and implementing award-winning engineering and management solutions, improving infrastructure and facilities that were damaged or proven to be areas of identified risk.

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