Paul Chastant

Paul Chastant II, AIA, NCARB

Senior Project Manager

“A client’s satisfaction and ultimate success will always be the best reward. I’m honoured to be part of a company that is an industry leader with a brand promise to be responsive and responsible, and to always put the clients’ needs first. Our values are in total sync.”

Paul works closely with the Justice and Civic program directors and other key firm leaders in the master planning and design of national and international justice and correctional facilities. He is a 35-year veteran in the corrections industry, including serving as director of facility services for the Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC).

His wide ranging work focuses on justice systems and facility master planning, programming, conceptual design and project management. Paul’s large and varied project portfolio extends across the United States, South America, Canada, Europe and Asia, and covers medical and mental health, detention and correctional facilities for men and women, youth programs and services court systems and public safety and police headquarters. His signature project work encompasses facilities such as Denton Administrative Complex, the San Diego Woman’s Detention Center, and Louisiana Office of Youth Development Program Manager. 

Paul believes in pushing hard to achieve success. He says his best reward is when “a client loves their design, has been part of it and realises ownership and their work effort lessens as a result of our team’s solution.” He is affiliated with the AIA and the American Correctional Association (ACA).