Sean Wicks

Sean Wicks, FCP, PSP

Lead Security Designer

Sean serves as the section manager and lead designer for our security and communications design group. His expertise includes conducting security threat assessments to establish the design basis threat, determine security risk levels and assessing vulnerabilities, which aid in the development of mitigation strategies to create an effective holistic security posture. His training in installing, planning and troubleshooting physical security systems supports his technical expertise in designing and specifying systems that perform to the highest industry standards. In 2010 he completed the requirements for his Physical Security Professional board certification.

During his tenure at HDR, Sean has completed important projects for federal agencies, all branches of the military, and government regulated utilities. He designs sophisticated security solutions for personal and vehicle access control, video surveillance, monitoring and control systems, intrusion detection, weapons and explosive screening, and vehicle barrier systems. Sean emphasises the balanced use of the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and non-proprietary electronic security hardware and software to allow the greatest flexibility in physical security planning. He is an expert in providing integration and coordination between the physical security systems and the assets being protected.