Camp Pendleton Water Conveyance

Camp Pendleton Water Conveyance

Camp Pendleton Water Conveyance

We served as the designer in a design-build installation of new potable water conveyance pumping and storage facilities at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton (MCBCP).

The new facilities connect the north end of MCBCP, which houses a new advanced water treatment plant, to the more developed southerly end. The facilities also allow delivery of potable water from the south to the north (reverse of the normal operation) in an emergency. Finally, the system provides the ability to convey water from the north-south pipeline to the 20/21 base area, augmenting its existing supply. In all, the elements of this 126,000 linear feet (LF) pipeline project included:

  • 89,400 LF of 24-inch diameter high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline
  • 26,600 LF of 14-inch diameter HDPE pipeline
  • Three major water crossings that totaled 10,000 feet of pipeline placed under
  • river depths using horizontal directional drilling
  • Two pumping stations and one pressure reducing station
  • A new 3-million-gallon AWWA D-110 Type III pre-stressed concrete reservoir

Project challenges included extremely narrow environmental boundaries, heavily travelled roads where traffic must be maintained at all times, culturally sensitive areas and a crossing of a major Southern California freeway and railroad.

Camp Pendleton Water Conveyance
U.S. Marine Corps

Escondido, CA
United States

116,000 linear feet