Franklin County Correction Facility

Franklin County Correction Facility

Franklin County Correction Facility

Smart and Sustainable Justice System Serves as a County Model 

Approximately 35,000 individuals are booked into Franklin County jails each year. To help reduce recidivism and create a smart and sustainable justice system, county leaders decided to replace their two old and outdated jails with a new jail facility that will be a model for the rest of the country. Emphasis in the Franklin County Correction Facility (FCCF) building design is to provide mental health care, medical care and programming intended to reduce reoffending by inmates.

Designed in association with DLZ, the design process involved a significant number of workshops with the owner and the users to develop a design that is operations-focused, normalised, efficient and safe. The jail will be built in two phases. The first phase will provide:

  • All of the core support spaces for a complete build out of 2,800 beds
  • Eighty percent of the 870 beds are designed for inmates with special needs, including those requiring medical care and mental health care
  • Special behaviour management housing units that incorporate recent federal guidelines on the design and use of restrictive housing
  • Intake/Release (booking)
  • Food Service, Laundry and Warehouse
  • Court Transport


Franklin County Correction Facility
Franklin County

Columbus, OH
United States

405,000 SF (37,600 m²)