Hays County Government Centre

Hays County Government Center

Hays County Government Centre

A Monumental Design Inspires a Sense of Place

The new Hays County Government Center provides efficient, functional, flexible space with 10 courtrooms, along with ample space for other county departments such as Tax Assessor, District Attorney, Treasurer, County Clerk, District Clerk, Elections and Information Services.

Despite a minimal existing built context, the modern/classical civic design creates a true “sense of place." A formal courthouse entrance plaza leads to the main entrance of the building. This design approach helps to organise the site, making it easy for government centre visitors to navigate where they need to go once they arrive at the site.

Achieving Organisation and Clarity

Strong organisation and functional clarity are extremely important to the successful operation of government centre facilities. Security features have been carefully incorporated into the design in a way that provides flexibility for future expansion. ATFP (anti-terrorism force protection) standards have been adhered to with regard to setbacks from the court areas of the building.

Hays County Government Center
Hays County

San Marcos, TX
United States

232,000 SF (21,550 m²)