Mule Creek State Prison Infill Dorms Criteria Documents

Mule Creek State Prison Infill Dorms Criteria Documents Gun Post

Mule Creek State Prison Infill Dorms Criteria Documents

Sustainable, Design-Build Facility Designed to Reduce Recidivism and Enhance Reentry

Constructed for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the new semi-autonomous infill complex (with related ancillary improvements) is located on 76 acres at Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP). This new facility represents the commitment of the State of California to reduce recidivism by providing enhanced programs for the successful reentry of inmates into society.

HDR completed programming, planning and criteria documents and sustainable design services for the project, under a design-build contract awarded to Hensel Phelps Construction Company. Designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification, it was occupied in February 2016.

Housing includes single-story housing units with a mezzanine, with each 40,000 square-foot unit capable of housing 264 inmates, for a total of 1,584 beds. The infill complex is designed to provide a more normalised environment with support services space and inmate recreation areas, career education programs, and enhanced family visitation areas, as well as 90,000 square feet of programming space. The related ancillary improvements at the existing facility include:

  • Shared support functions
  • Central kitchen renovations
  • Warehouse renovations and expansion
  • A new radio tower, along with a communications equipment vault
  • Firing range improvements
  • Improvements to parking

Although the infill complex is semi-autonomous, it is operated by, and under the authority of, the existing correctional facility and is dependent on the existing institution for some support functions. Nevertheless, the infill complex is independent and self-contained in providing inmate housing, programming and typical health care services.

Mule Creek State Prison Infill Dorms Criteria Documents Gun Post
California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

Ione, CA
United States

544,000 SF (50,500 m²)
Designed to Sustainable Standards