Nabucco Gas Pipeline

Dark clouds over pipeline construction in hilly landscape

Nabucco Gas Pipeline

When you’re planning a natural gas pipeline to span five countries, reliable data is critical.

Undertaking a massive international pipeline project, Nabucco originally selected us to be part of their team of FEED engineers, focused on designing natural gas compressor stations, metering facilities, block valve stations, pigging facilities and off-take stations. A long list of firms lent expertise to design the expansive, 3,800-kilometer pipeline, which featured a 56-inch main pipeline designed with a nominal capacity of 31 bNcmy and maximum operating pressure of 100 barg.

As the design progressed, Nabucco sought to minimise overall project cost and risk by refining the project’s documentation, so they expanded our scope to include a technical integrity review. The intent was to create one comprehensive, consistent set of design plans that could be implemented in locations across Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria. It was our job to validate the information and integrate each piece of documentation — from layout drawings to specifications to calculations.

In addition to performing station design and layout, determining the optimum location for each station was essential. Our experts conducted a hydraulic analysis and developed an economic model to evaluate multiple options. Based on cost and performance requirements, we designed four unique compressor stations which could be replicated in 14 different locations across the pipeline’s international path.

With a reliable plan in hand, Nabucco was able to move the project forward, and make economical decisions based on accurate information.

Dark clouds over pipeline construction in hilly landscape
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