Unilever Agile Workplace

Unilever Agile Workplace

Unilever Agile Workplace

From Traditional to Transformational

Unilever’s “Agile Workplace” transformed a traditional office environment with assigned cubicles and private offices into a “free address” work space. It provides a variety of activity settings to support a range of work tasks as well as individual work styles. No individual work space is assigned; all spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Employees begin their workday by putting their personal items in a locker. Every employee is mobile and has a laptop, soft IP phone and a personal video eye to support them wherever they go. Depending on their tasks, they can choose to work in various places. Some will work in groups, having made “reservations” online for a meeting space. Highlights of the space include:

  • The workplace contains settings to work alone as well as in groups. Spaces include quiet rooms for focused work, video booths for one or two person video conferencing, and video conference rooms for four to six people.
  • A coffee bar serves as a social center and casual area to exchange information.
  • Multi-use space, lounge and team meeting areas also provide comfortable, informal places for individual or collaborative work.
  • Throughout the workplace, access to digital information and media is provided via LCD TV monitors, and a curved media wall with a 6-foot x 12-foot plasma array for presentations, town meetings and demonstrations of new IT technology. A variety of communication tools are available.

Conceived of as a “kit of parts,” employees now work in a manner that is ideally suited to their style. This approach maximizes space utilization. In fact, the new agile workplace design resulted in a 50% decrease in square foot per person, and a more uplifting and dynamic place to work.

Unilever Agile Workplace

Englewood Cliffs, NJ
United States

10,000 SF (929 m²)