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Fully Informed Decision-Making

Informed decision-making allows you to operate in a dynamic economy while trying to do more with less. Our multifaceted economic analyses can help narrow your focus and empower your decision-makers.

Consult With an Experienced Team

With more than 30 economists, our facility- and infrastructure-focused economics team is one of the largest in the industry. Our expertise provides you with objective, independent analysis to help you make data-driven investment decisions. Transparency and open communication facilitate understanding and collaboration. You get a clear picture of our key assumptions, data and methods. The process incorporates clients, stakeholders and the public at large.

Proper analysis can help you evaluate feasibility, understand financial requirements, manage social impact, avoid risk, and predict project or program success.

Economics Strategies for Investment Success in Multiple Markets

We integrate our unique set of economic tools and approaches with engineering and architecture disciplines to define the right alternatives. We’ve helped inform investment decisions for highways, railways, transit, complete streets, ports, airports, hospitals, tunnels, research facilities, and water supply and treatment facilities.

The strategies we develop can better position your projects for funding and financing, and expedite implementation.

Economic Services

Economic Evaluation and Forecasting

Become knowledgeable about your project benefits, economic impacts and investment constraints, and meet long-range objectives with our cutting-edge economic modelling and analysis. Our approach helps you truly engage in performance-based planning and provides objective measures for prioritising projects and programs.

Regulatory and Policy Analysis

Inform your policy decisions with quantitative business case analysis, economic development analyses, cost recovery, and pricing and regulatory evaluation.

Risk Management Analysis

Understand project risks and risk response strategies within a quantitative and probabilistic framework. 

Statistics and Data Analytics

Manage your data and unlock the full potential of your information with advanced statistical techniques, data analytics, surveys and models. The data generates likely outcomes with a measured degree of accuracy.

Economics and Finance Services to Achieve Your Goals

Using objective, independent and transparent analysis, our economics experts work hand in hand with our finance experts. Together, we can enhance decision-making and develop funding and financing strategy throughout your project life cycle, from planning to construction and operation.