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Behavioral Health Virtual Workshop Series

Closing Gaps in the Continuum of Care

Everyone sees or feels the impact of behavioral and mental health challenges in our society. The recent pandemic has made gaps in the continuum of care even more apparent and urgent to address.

In a holistic view of the continuum of care, there are many points of contact for individuals with behavioral health treatment needs. A comprehensive response would include attention to the following: policy and funding deficiencies, community partnerships and support organizations, supportive treatment environments in secure and non-secure settings, and gaps in transitional/re-entry support.

Through this interactive workshop series, we will focus on revealing the deficiencies in the continuum care for all people seeking behavioral health care, discover synergistic collaborations, and share potential ideas and design solutions to help close the gaps in care. 

We hope you can join us! Register through the link below. 

Access & Equity

Tuesday, August 18  |  11 a.m.-1 p.m. CT

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behavioral health colloquium
Workshop Two

Partnerships & Collaboration

Wednesday, October 7  |  1:30-3:30 p.m. CT

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Behavioral Health Colloquium
Workshop Three

Evolving Solutions

Tuesday, November 17  |  11 a.m.-1 pm CT

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Workshop Facilitators

Director, Research
Behavioral Health Planner
Director, Justice
Principal Health Planner
Justice Principal
Director, Health
Central Region

Brad Negrete: Keynote Speaker for Workshop One

brad negrete

Brad Negrete, Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (Nebraska) and Licensed Professional Counselor (Texas), has been passionate about combining his expertise in the criminal justice and mental health fields since the beginning of his career. Building on his experience with crisis services, Brad works with law enforcement, corrections and court systems to reduce unnecessary incarceration and hospitalizations. He currently serves as the Director of Urgent and Crisis Services at Lutheran Family Services in Omaha, Nebraska.