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Fast Company Designates Kaiser Permanente's Health Hubs a World-Changing Idea

Our work reimagining healthcare in partnership with Kaiser Permanente has been dubbed a world-changing idea by Fast Company. The article, "Kaiser Permanente Designed A Health Center That Puts Patients First," focuses on a new medical office concept, called health hubs; the idea for which was developed through Project RAD (Reimagining Ambulatory Design).

Health hubs represent a total overhaul of the patient experience, from the check-in process to the aesthetics of the waiting area to the way doctors and nurses interact with members and one another. Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, says

“The culture of health care has been to get you in and out. We’re inviting you to linger. This is more than a physician visit; this is about your total health.”

Just as important, health hubs will serve as physical anchors for a model of care that aims to move health services, as much as possible, out of hospitals and medical offices and into members’ communities and homes.

The Manhattan Beach Health Hub Clinic, designed by HDR, is featured in the article. As the first hub designed and built, it will serve as a "real-world laboratory" to test and fine-tune the physical features and work flow​. Nine other health hubs will be built around Southern California, and eventually aspects of the health hubs are planned to be introduced in Kaiser clinics across the country​.

This article is featured in Fast Company​'s April 2016 print edition.