Federal Way Link Extension Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Study

As Sound Transit's lead design firm for preliminary engineering of the Federal Way Link Extension, we led planning for a 12.5 km alignment and three new transit stations. To identify a route that met growth and transportation goals, we collaborated with communities that will be served by the extension. Our research led to this report on our Transit-Oriented Development Study.

We started with 20 potential station locations and gradually shortened the list using thorough analysis and frequent stakeholder outreach. We looked for opportunities to avoid bisecting candidate parcels that could be used for higher-density and mixed-use development, and we ranked each location’s merits in four categories: multi-modal access; existing land use and land-use plans and policies; market support for development and redevelopment; and land availability.

We presented our findings at multiple community-outreach events, using education to foster public support.

Transit Oriented Development Study