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Susanne Pini Featured in Op-ed on Designing for Human Connection

In a recent op-ed for Architecture & Design magazine, Susanne Pini examines ideas of community and how we connect in today’s world. In her feature, “Happiness and Habitat: Can Architecture Save Our Lives,” Susanne analyzes the relationship between designing spaces and communities which ultimately shape how we interact.

Susanne explores the benefits of designing communities with proximity in mind, not necessarily to increase convenience, but rather to encourage serendipitous moments and opportunities for human connection. She writes, "It’s clear that the way we design where we live has a direct effect on our mental, social, and physical health. It affects our ability to engage with in the ordinary daily things that constitute our lives … We need to stop removing the friction points in our lives and in fact increase the bump points because how our setting is put together affects the way we come together."

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