Chester City Place Rendering

Site & Infrastructure

Placemaking through Smart Design

Creating new or redeveloped public spaces that promote well-being and economic stability begins with a clearly-defined strategy — one that integrates site development goals with community needs and infrastructure requirements. Decisions about streets, intersections, utilities, green infrastructure and other fundamental infrastructure directly impact how a community looks and functions. These decisions lay the groundwork for establishing places that support vibrant neighborhoods and thriving districts that are adaptable to future growth and change.

Tailored Solutions

Our site planning and design process is collaborative and holistic. We work with clients to design solutions that reflect the vision for each site. Urban planners and designers work closely with architects, economists, real estate experts, transportation planners, traffic and civil engineers, landscape architects and environmental scientists to custom design spaces that leverage existing assets and resources, reducing costs and streamlining approvals. Novel thinking and practical experience allow us to uncover creative solutions that secure vital stakeholder support and deliver value beyond the typical development project.