321 Kent Street

321 Kent Street

321 Kent Street

Elegant Design Rejuvenates Commercial Lobby

This project involved the refurbishment and upgrade of an existing commercial office property. The building adjoins another office building and both share a large glass-covered courtyard leading to Kent Street. Our client wanted to create a new office address, rejuvenate the existing small lobby and reposition the office complex in the western corridor of the city.

The existing lobby is relatively unique because the entry to 321 Kent Street is located at the rear of the public court and, therefore, has poor visibility from the street. We were able to extend the current lobby into this space by adding a large “cubic” structure that becomes a main feature. Two similar cubic boxes also project into the rear courtyard space.

Key design features include:

  • The walls and roof of the front cube are frameless clear glass panels that are structurally self supporting. The glass roof cantilevers from a single tower column with glass beams supporting the weight of the glass roof panels.
  • The cube has a totally transparent quality appropriately lit to create a “jewel” within the open court. Adjacent retail space has been upgraded to complement this element.
  • The lobby has been redesigned with extensive use of bronze and timber cladding contrasted with white monolithic reception and seating elements. Classic furniture provides elegant spaces for reception, waiting areas and casual meetings.
  • The two other cubes project into the rear courtyard space in a similar fashion but are solid in contrast with the glass entry box. These are clad with timber panels and feature glass viewing strip windows. They provide coffee and meeting pods away from the main entrance.
321 Kent Street
DEXUS Property Group

Sydney, NSW