AIA Nebraska Headquarters

American Institute of Architects Nebraska Office Redesign

AIA Nebraska Headquarters

Making a Big Impact in a Small Space

The new office space for the American Institute of Architects Nebraska Chapter (AIA NE) and Lincoln Haymarket Development Corporation (LHDC) was designed to maximize the given footprint shared among the two entities, as well as to create a working environment that is efficient and aesthetically satisfying to both parties.

The LHDC office will continue to occupy the private space while the AIA NE office will occupy the storefront space where an art gallery was previously; however, the floor plan of the space has been re-imagined to take advantage of the overall space and needs of the two organizations.

  • The overriding concept of the design is to educate and advocate the significance of architecture and AIA NE through the design of this office space while maintaining the privacy of LHDC to conduct its business.
  • The AIA red folded plane lends a visual punch to the public streetscape, drawing the public in for a closer look while connecting the entry and reception to the informal conference area to the executive director’s office.
  • The folded plane designates the more intimate areas of the open space and unites into one symbolic language.
  • Finishes and materials in the spaces are comprised of sustainable products and applications.
  • The design of this space was conceived to be as economical and affordable as possible. The minimalist design is a responsible solution to this issue and advocates the notion that less is more.


American Institute of Architects Nebraska Office Redesign
AIA Nebraska and Lincoln Haymarket Development Corporation

Lincoln, NE
United States

1,700 SF (158 m²)