Construction Management for Afghanistan National Security Forces

Afghanistan Construction Management, Workers

Construction Management for Afghanistan National Security Forces

As U.S. forces drew down in Afghanistan, a new phase of counterinsurgency strategy took place. HDR's construction management team was vital in the process.

HDR’s client, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, supported the U.S. Department of Defense in expanding the facilities of the Afghan National Security Force. The program sought to not only strengthen Afghanistan's national security, but provide hope for the country's people by creating professional jobs and boosting the economy. But the $1.4 billion program required oversight within a war-torn country with archaic construction standards, unregulated material suppliers and a largely untrained workforce.

HDR provided leadership, oversight and training to make the mission a reality. Serving as on-site quality assurance representatives for 46 projects in 10 regions and 61 sites, our construction management team's work entailed design and material review, construction inspection, and progress reports. The program involved new universities, government buildings, training sites, barracks, recruiting stations, air bases, roads, bridges and other facilities.

Sean O'Brien, Managing Principal of Operations and Construction Services, said, “It has been the most difficult and rewarding program that I, and many on our team, have had the opportunity to be associated with."

Afghanistan Construction Management, Workers
U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center

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