Denton County Jail Law Enforcement Complex Expansion Phase 1 Housing Building

Denton County Jail Housing

Denton County Jail Law Enforcement Complex Expansion Phase 1 Housing Building

First in a Multi-Phase Project adds Beds & Expands Services  

Following a Jail Master Plan, HDR provided design services for a new multiple-phased project to expand the current Law Enforcement Center site to meet the future needs of this growing County. Phase One of the project will expand the site through the addition of a new four-story  housing building of 384 beds, with shell space for future medical unit and a new express corridor connecting the existing jail facilities.

The design provides accommodations for 384 inmates in three housing configurations:

  • Special Needs – Inmates with special needs, be it mental health, medical or disciplinary segregation – 24 beds
  • Double Cell – Inmates of a medium/high security risk that are housed in cells designed to accommodate 2 inmates each – 144 beds
  • Dormitories – Inmates of low/medium security risk that are housed in dormitories designed to accommodate 72 inmates each – 216 beds

The design for the exterior of the building takes it cues from the organizational orientation of the housing units. The housing units are expressed on the exterior as large blocks separated by vertical elements composed of the exercise yards and stair towers. Horizontal windows punctuate the housing blocks; since the exterior wall of the building is not the secure perimeter, these windows can be of any size and configuration, their main purpose being to provide natural light into the perimeter mechanical chase and give the building a sense of scale.

Denton County Jail Housing
Denton County

Denton, TX
United States

89,874 SF (8,350 m²)