Elbland Riesa Grossenhain Hospitals

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Elbland Riesa Grossenhain Hospitals

Expanding Rehab, Prevention and Inpatient Services

The Elbland Riesa Grossenhain Hospital will be positioned on two locations. Inpatient acute care will be housed in Riesa, while rehabilitation and prevention services will be located in Grossenhain.

The new six-floor hospital at Riesa will replace an aging facility and will consist of multiple structures connected by bridges and an expansive glass atrium. A high degree of natural daylight and ventilation will be a benchmark of the building, and views and vistas will establish a connection to the environment and support a thorough orientation system within the building.

The new rehabilitation hospital at Grossenhain will include 125 beds spread out on five floors. The rehabilitation clinic is designed to create optimal navigation paths, giving patients with any disability freedom of movement. To avoid the stress that comes with long hospital stays, all aspects of the new building — including communal dining rooms, therapy gyms, and public amenities — will be designed to lure patients out of their rooms and motivate them to manage their illnesses.

Elbland Riesa Grossenhain Hospitals - hero
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161,000 SF (15,000 m²)