Huawei Corporate Financial Center Building B1

Huawei Corporate Financial Center Building B1

Huawei Corporate Financial Center Building B1

Transforming a Building’s Purpose through Design

We’re designing a renovation and expansion of Huawei’s existing B1 Research & Development building on its Bantian campus. The goal is to transform both the exterior and interior of the building to support its new role as the financial heart of the world’s largest telecommunications company.

Key features include:

  • The façade avoids exaggerated eccentric styles as well as overly complicated decorations to complement Huawei’s main headquarters building and conference area on the same campus. The design expresses an architectural language that is rooted in three basic principles: beauty, power and stability.
  • A series of standards guide the design of the employee spaces.
  • The building’s public spaces are highly visible. The most prominent element in the design is the central atrium. In order to diminish the perception of the overall height of the existing “open air” atrium, the voluminous space is divided into three smaller units: the lower atrium, a new conference centre floor and the upper atrium “sky garden.”
  • In addition, the existing switch-back stairs were removed to allow for a cleaner and less cluttered appearance. Their function was replaced with two new stair towers added to the exterior of the building.
  • The final design creates three separate rooms of varying scale, each appropriately treated to respond to the new vision for the project.
Huawei Corporate Financial Center Building B1

Shenzhen, Guangdong

664,327 SF (61,718 m²)


Illumination Awards, Award of Excellence (2018)
Illuminating Engineering Society, Philadelphia Section