Johannes-Wesling Hospital Minden

Johannes-Wesling Hospital Minden - hero

Johannes-Wesling Hospital Minden

Designing to Human Scale

This 882-bed hospital is one of the largest healthcare facilities in Germany. It was designed around people, putting their wellness and wellbeing first. The hospital consists of building modules connected by two main glass thoroughfares. Each module is three storeys, mitigating the scale of the hospital and creating a well-balanced link to the idyllic gardens and water features on the site and the surrounding landscape.

Key features of the hospital include:

  • Throughout the building, patients, employees and visitors experience maximum comfort by way of modern interiors, extensive natural light, artwork and architectural features designed to a human scale.
  • Sustainability is interwoven throughout all buildings, and biomass heating and photovoltaic systems provide an environmentally friendly energy supply.
Johannes-Wesling Hospital Minden - hero
Johannes-Wesling Hospital Minden


484,375 SF (45,000 m²)