Prince George Downtown Pool Replacement

Prince George Community Pool

Prince George Downtown Pool Replacement

Community Pool Promotes Accessibility and Sustainability

The Prince George downtown pool replacement project involves transforming the existing Four Seasons Leisure Pool, which has reached the end of its service life, into a new, sustainable modern facility.

Features of the new complex will include:

  • A six lane, 25-metre lap pool
  • A four lane, 25-metre teaching pool with warm water and shallower depth
  • A leisure pool with a lazy river, beach entry, and play features
  • A large waterslide with a run-off lane
  • Dedicated male and female change rooms, as well as a large universal change room
  • Three barrier-free shower rooms with ceiling lifts
  • A sauna and steam room
  • Two classrooms
  • A comfortable viewing area

Accessibility played a key role in the new design. Each pool will have a shallow entry and “pool pods” that will allow people with mobility devices to enter the pools with ease. The main leisure pool will have a gradual entry from zero depth.

The facility will also feature enhanced sightlines for lifeguards to ensure optimal safety for patrons. The change rooms will be designed to open at the shallowest ends of the pools in order to decrease the likelihood of falls into deep water.

A distinctive visual aspect of the new building is the “tilted box” design that permits the height needed to house the waterslide at the southeast end of the building. The building slopes towards the main entrance at 7th Avenue and Quebec Street; the entry plaza will collect water run-off into a rain garden.

HDR and Chandos Construction are leading the design and construction process. The pool is expected to open in late 2022.

Prince George Community Pool
Prince George Community Pool
City of Prince George

Prince George, BC

37,670 sf (3,500 m²)