Cyndi McCullough: Service Committees

Nebraska Action Coalition (NAC)
Member, 2011–present

Sigma Theta Tau International
Virginia Henderson Fellow, 1998–2012

Community of Christ Church
Building Committee, 2007–2009

Boy Scouts of America Explorers’ Program Telethon
Volunteer, 2000

American Heart Association Fundraising Campaign
Volunteer, 2000

St. Alphonsus Healthcare College
Member, 2000

Riverside RLDS Church Newsletter
Co-editor, 1999–2000

Clarkson College
Nursing Continuing Education Advisory Council, 1999
Member, Board Development Committee, 1995–1992
Member, Research Committee, 1994
Member, Alumni Association Board, 1990–1989

National Healthcare Advisory Board on Patient-Focused Care
Member, 1991

NCLEX Test Construction for Nursing State Boards
Member, 1989

Clarkson Hospital
Member, Case Management Steering Committee, 1995–1991
Member, Pharmacy Nursing Committee, 1995–1990
Member, Clinical Practice Council, 1995–1990
Facilitator, Service Coordinator Council, 1994
Chair, Head Nurse Council, 1988–1986