Secondary Clarifier at the Bozeman Water Reclamation Facility

Optimizing Water Use and Minimizing Wastewater Generation within the Power Plant

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Changing environmental regulations, limited availability of fresh water resources, and shifting power plant operational requirements have brought water-related issues to the forefront of challenges in many power plants today. To address these growing concerns, power generating stations are forced to re-examine their plant’s water footprint and assess how they can best use their resources while balancing the requirements of multiple new environmental regulations with economic and operational priorities.

Josh Prusakiewicz and Colleen Layman explore the impact these water-related challenges can have on the operation and design of power generating facilities. It also provides a practical plan for analyzing and optimizing a plant’s water usage and minimizing its wastewater production by investigating and implementing recycle/reuse and operational planning alternatives. Several case studies are included to highlight the practical implementation of water management plans and recycle/reuse evaluations at new and existing power generating facilities.

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