Pierre Kwan

Pierre Kwan, P.E., P.Eng.

Senior Project Manager

Pierre Kwan is our Northwest/Pacific water treatment leader, helping utilities with their various water quality challenges from source rivers and lakes all the way to kitchen faucets.

He chose this line of work because of his strong belief that clean, safe and plentiful drinking water is a crucial foundation to life and society. He has seen the tremendous positive differences when a community has good drinking water versus one that does not.

Pierre’s experiences have taken him to Saudi Arabia to design a desalination plant for a brand new metropolis, yet he’s also worked on small projects like developing a well for a community of 100 in Alaska. With each project, he knows his efforts directly help people have better lives.

He is an active member of several national AWWA committees and an author/contributor to several industry books and guidance manuals. Pierre has presented his work at conferences around the world.