How Healthy Buildings Lead to Healthy Users

How Healthy Buildings Lead to Healthy Users

The healthcare industry is shifting to a practice focused on both wellness and cure; providers are adopting new attitudes and embracing diverse tools to help patients live healthier lives. Connections to nature — and even thoughtfully designed buildings — are part of the equation.

For healthcare organizations, large-scale changes to foster health and wellness (such as new buildings) aren’t always possible. But change doesn’t have to happen on a grand scale to make a difference. Here are a few simple ways to positively affect wellness.

Characteristics of Biophilia

Contextual Relationships:

  • Geographic Connection
  • Ecological Connection
  • Cultural Connection
  • Site Responsive
  • Internal Relationships

Perceptual Attributes:

  • Safety/Refuge
  • Order, Hierarchy, Complexity
  • Enticement & Discovery
  • Beauty

Environmental Features:

  • Natural Light
  • Color
  • Water
  • Plants
  • Views/Vistas
  • Airflow
  • Natural Materials

Natural Patterns:

  • Age, Change, Patina of Time
  • Spatial Variation
  • Linked Series & Repeating Elements

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