3 Rules of Construction Inspection

Clay Rahn | 3 Rules of Construction Inspection
Clay Rahn at a project site

A construction inspector is often the “eyes and ears” of a project by working diligently toward project completion in strict accordance with approved contract documents.

Resident engineer, Clay Rahn, spoke with Blair Corning on the Streaming Water podcast about the 3 Rules of Construction Inspection. In this episode, Clay highlights his experiences from five past field assignments on large water and wastewater construction projects. They discuss the importance of proactive communication as well as the importance of:

1.  Knowing the project documents and the client’s design intent. 

2.  Knowing when to hold firm to the documents.

3.  Knowing when to bend on the documents, with the appropriate approvals.

As a funny aside, Blair and Clay also discuss the top signs of a bad contractor.