Architectural Acoustics in a Lecture Hall

Architectural Acoustics: Making Buildings Sound as Good As They Look

Providing true cross-sector service, our architectural acousticians serve internal and external clients globally. They work with architects, interior designers and engineers to provide services throughout the life of a built project. Work includes environmental assessments for permitting; pre-construction noise evaluations; acoustical design of the facility and compliance noise and vibration monitoring during construction and facility operations.

The demand for architectural acoustics design services has increased over the past decade following an increase in comfort-related building standards and poor acoustical conditions in many workplaces and healthcare settings. According to the General Services Administration (GSA), office acoustics are a leading source of employee dissatisfaction. In healthcare settings, the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) identified acoustics as the second-lowest-ranking patient satisfaction item. Federal agencies and industry leaders are also acknowledging the need for acoustics in the design of buildings. In response, state building codes, federal building requirements and LEED are now incorporating acoustical standards.

Due to this growing demand, our architectural acoustics practice is growing fast. By blending the science of sound with the art of building design, our skilled acoustical specialists create noise mitigation and sound enhancement solutions for all types of projects.

To address the need for better acoustical conditions indoors, our architectural acousticians use state-of-the-art tools to check:

  • Sound Isolation Systems (noise control and speech privacy)
  • Mechanical Noise Isolation
  • Room Acoustics (speech intelligibility and reverberation)
  • Audio Simulations of Rooms During the Design Phase
  • Vibration Monitoring and Assessment
  • Acoustic Measurement (room noise, reverberation, privacy)
Gina Jarta
Acoustic Specialist
Tim Casey
Environmental Acoustics Program Manager