Autonomous and Connected Vehicles: Preparing for the Future of Surface Transportation

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In the same way the Model-T revolutionized transportation, Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and Connected Vehicles (CV) are challenging the traditional standards for transportation safety, mobility and the environment. AV/CV initiatives are becoming more prominent, and we are seeing innovative tech-safety features from the automotive industry. It is critical that today’s transportation decision makers be well positioned for the next stage of opportunities.

In this white paper, we define the technologies and look at what technology companies (e.g., Google Car), educational institutions and savvy government agencies are doing to further drive change.

Authored by HDR’s Bernie Arseneau, P.E., PTOE, Highways & Roads Director; Santanu Roy, PTP, Transportation Planning Manager and Travel-Demand Modeling Practice Lead; Joshua Salazar, P.E., Senior Project Manager; and Joey Yang, P.E., Senior ITS Project Manager.