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Brian Leshko Contributes Bridge Inspection Expertise to Webinar on NBIS Updates

Bridges and Structures Inspection Program Lead Brian Leshko recently shared his decades of expertise as he unpacked the 2022 updates to the United States National Bridge Inspection Standards on a webinar hosted by Roads & Bridges magazine. He also explained the new Specifications for the National Bridge Inventory. The October 2022 webinar on the new U.S. bridge inspection standards and specifications was recorded and is available for any who missed the live event.

Presenting alongside an expert from the Federal Highway Administration, Leshko explained the updates to the NBIS, including new requirements for inspectors and potential changes in the inspection intervals. The presenters shared the timeline for new rules to go into effect over the coming years and they also discussed new data requirements for the national bridge inventory. 

Leshko has spent nearly 40 years as a bridge and tunnel engineer, with experience on scores of bridge and tunnel condition inspections. He is a National Highway Institute-certified bridge safety inspector, a National Certified Tunnel Inspector and a former SPRAT-certified Level I rope access technician. He has extensive rope access and structure climbing experience inspecting large and complex structures, including tunnels, water control structures, pipeline structures, and nearly every type of bridge.

The one-hour webinar — "NBIS & SNBI: Same Letters but Different Requirements-Making Sense of the New National Bridge Inspection Standards & Specifications" — can be accessed at the Roads & Bridges website through April 2023.  

Brian Leshko
Bridges and Structures Inspection Program Lead