Celebrating Veterans Day and Remembrance Day

On Veterans Day and Remembrance Day it is appropriate that we join in recognizing our veterans and those who are currently in our military forces throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. HDR views military experience as an asset and our veterans and reservists continue to play a significant role in shaping our company. With over 340 veteran employees who work in all parts of HDR, we honor them for their service every day. 

Veterans making an impact at HDR is nothing new. It began in 1917 when a young veteran of the Spanish-American War named H.H. Henningson started an engineering firm that’s grown into the global company we are today. In the 1950s, many of our engineers were military pilots in World War II. At that time, Company President Chuck Durham saw the advantage and purchased airplanes that we used to fly across the country to meet with clients, win work and expand our business.

We also drew upon the experience of our veterans for our military contracts. We designed military training facilities, government and military buildings, even a submarine base. On each project, we had top-notch engineers, many of whom served in the military. Hiring veterans was a staple of business — and it still is — no matter what challenges we face. We appreciate the dedication, value and experience that our veterans bring to HDR, and we thank them for their service.